Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to Gray Ghost's website!

This is the first blog entry on Gray Ghost's new website.
Photos, files and other features will be added as time permits.

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  1. Hey,...Mr. Grey Ghost,......Thanks for the advise, for the time to write me, and for sharing this valuable information regarding the hikes that you have done.
    I've been eagerly seeing the info and the pictures as well. They are inspiring and makes one want to be there already.

    I was planning in Jan to ride my bike from Miami to california,...but instead I will postpone the trip and head towards the AT trail in March. I have always been motivated to do it after Gregory's stories about it. Son visiting him this past weekend, and going over the time that I had, he encourage me to do the AT first. I really think is a great idea so I ill aim towards that. I have already all my gear, I junt need to prepare the food boxes and get in optimal shape.

    i will be heading this week towards Big Bend NP in south Texas. Its a beautiful park. I plan to do some hikes and cycling.
    So,...Mr Anderson,...again i thanks for the info and lets keep in touch. Where could I possible call you?
    Please send my greeting to Mrs. Anderson and my best wishes for this Holiday Season. Ah,..also to Uncle (your brother).
    Hugs, Frank